Know Thyself. Conócete a ti mismo


«El corazón humano pide ayuda a gritos; el alma humana nos implora ser liberada; pro no escuchamos su llanto, porque ya no somos capaces ni de oír ni de comprender».
– Khalil Gibran –

«Know Thyself»
With people presenting solutions everywhere, be it through the political circus, spiritual leaders, to more progressive movements offering self-sustainable solutions, many people seem to have a plan of how to «fix» the world. Others say all is just as it is supposed to be and all we need to do is to go with the «flow», focus on «love» and «light» and everything will be good.

I voiced my concerns with the «solutions» presented in Zeitgeist Addendum in my article about that film. Visionary ideas are good and great to have, however false hopes based on ideals can shatter into nothingness if there is no foundation to build it on. People always say we must «do», «act» or «vote» and it seems most folks want just someone to tell them what to do, so they don’t have to think too much on their own. The question is what are we really able to «do» if we don’t even know ourselves? What is humanity? Yes we’re all one, but are we all truly the same inside, seeing/thinking/feeling the same way? Who is to say what is good for the world and what not?

The issues the world faces, the destruction, greed, genocide, economic meltdown, etc… cannot and won’t be resolved until man faces himself, looks at himself and does the work to gain Self Knowledge, beyond worship of the personality and ego. Humanity is deeply conditioned through Culture, Society, Religion, Media, Nationalism, Education, Government, our upbringing and all kinds of illusionary Beliefs. Before we can offer any solutions we need to become aware of this conditioning and do the work necessary to truly understand ourselves, our mechanical reactive behaviors, emotional addictions, our biases to take in certain information but automatically reject information that conflicts with our (conditioned) belief system.
– By Bernhard Guenther –

– Socrates’ guiding rule was, «Know Thyself.» These words are of eternal significance. No better advice has ever been give to man or woman. When one begins to explore this dictate it leads to profound understandings about all of creation. It makes unhappiness, fear, sadness, doubt, and all the negative emotions meaningless.

– In the scripture Jesus said, «Love God first and your neighbor as your self.» In doing this we have to come to the conclusion that we are made in the image and likeness of the Divine, therefore we are all sacred beings. If this premise is true then there is no room for those negative emotions. Ah, however we feel them strongly, why is that?

– Could it be that we are not recognizing the goodness, the god-within all of creation? When we do not recognize this goodness the dark side of our nature begins to find excuses for what is happening in our life. It is then that we begin to feel ‘other than happiness’ feelings. Happiness of course is our birthright.

– When we came into existence our soul was pure love. Our first relationships here in this new environment seem to have taught us to forget from whence we came and why we are here. We tried valiantly to let everyone see our virtue, our love, our innocence and this is proven by how many times people came to look at us and smile and say sweet things to us in our stroller or crib. But then what happened? Through our mother we had been hearing and feeling the negative emotions as well as the positive ones from the time of our conception. At birth the negative began to be reinforced over and over again until we became convinced that in order to survive we needed both positive and negative feelings. Our ego now had a directive, defend against those who would hurt us in some way. Do what it takes to live!